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Meet William Disdale



William Disdale was born and grew up in the suburbs of Reading, England during the 1980's, 90's and 00's. He moved to Ireland in 2014 through happenstance and fortune, where he met his wife, Siobhra.

With an aptitude for both art and science at school, it was science that drew his initial focus, prompting him to study engineering at Coventry University, going on to complete a PhD in the mathematical modelling of automotive catalyst deactivation. Rock and Roll...

After the PhD, the nature of learning changed, and a more inward process ensued. Instead of learning things in the world 'out there' so-to-speak, the inward learning focused more on thought, feeling, consciousness, coincidence, de-ja-vu, dreams, self-awareness, experience and identity.

During this time, William became a motor-racing instructor (you might get a taste of this in chapter 17), had a year in Sydney, Australia, met the right people at the right time, and came to the conclusion that the human experience was most likely some sort of grand simulation operated by powers of higher consciousness that our human-minds fail to perceive.

His first book, "This Soul'd World: The Rise of Consciousness" hit the amazon shelves in late 2019.


Because all of us are standing on the shoulders of giants when it comes to learning, in that, the information we absorb has been left by others before us, its only right to mention some of the people that inspired this story.

holographic universe_cover_image

The Holographic Universe by Micheal Talbot

Interesting to say the least. Whether you appreciate science or faith, this book will test your paradigm...

journey of souls_cover_image

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

This book is intriguing and captivating for the open-minded reader. 1.6k amazon reviews and a 4.5 average speaks for itself.

economic hitman_cover_image

Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins

When a country wants to empire-build, it needs a military but economic hitmen are cheaper and obtain the same results...

the field_cover_image

The Field by Lynne McTaggart

As technology increases  and research continues,  its some of the less well-known studies that can be some of the most important...

secret history_cover_image

The Secret History of the  World by Mark Booth

Have you ever wondered how this world came to be? Well, there's the official story, and then there's a secret one... 

the alchemist_cover_image

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A simple and uplifting tale  of living told through  metaphor. Was a pivotal book in the run up to starting This Soul'd World.

author Q & A

Q: Why did you write This Soul'd World?

A: It was the process of spiritual awakening that prompted me to write, but rather than write 'my journey' for the eleventy-millionth time in history, and have a book that would only appeal to others who had gone through the process, I thought i'd pay tribute to this mysterious and amazing process by writing fiction and using artistic license to have a book with a broader appeal, that was at the same time, authentic, true to my experiences and unique.

Q: What is the process of spiritual awakening? Are you religious?

A: This Soul'd World doesn't promote any specific religious viewpoint, and no, I am not a follower of any one religion, but at the same time I don't disagree with any religion a person uses, needs or believes, to come to a place of peace or reassurance. Religion can get misinterpreted of course, as can anything i guess...


What spiritual awakening actually is, is very difficult to explain explicitly as everyone is on their own path and my experience is not someone else's. I can't rationalise the process either, as it's somewhat irrational. I question maybe I've fallen for a trick, maybe I'm imagining things that are just coincidence to be more than that, but I experienced some strange and wonderful moments that lured me from my staunchly scientific, academic mindset to question another possibility. This questioning process opened my perception further, ultimately leading me to conclude that the existence of consciousness beyond the boundaries of time, space, birth and death was most likely true. Also I can't argue with the paradigm of peace it's left me with in these very uncertain times we're living in.



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