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this soul'd world

the rise of consciousness


"Mind-bendingly good"


What an adventure! I couldn't put this down, or wait to dive back in. At the beginning I was a bit confused, in the middle I felt my whole concept of life shifting and by the end I was certain that everyone could benefit from reading this book.

Let This Soul'd World challenge your reality...

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"Soulful, scientific and smart"


Loved this book! It’s the first book that I have read that weaves fiction and philosophy in a modern world. The author paints a picture of another dimension that many spiritual philosophers support. I would describe it as a meeting of an exploration of the soul journey through fiction.

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"A great thought-provoking read!"


This Soul’d World mixes a leap of faith with a love story and brings the reader along on a journey that crosses dimensions and consciousness. Beautifully written the locations in each dimension come to life and open the reader to new possibilities, ones the protagonist is keen to share with the world. An age old battle between learning, kindness, generosity and true love and it’s bid to overcome loss, hatred and power hungry corruption.

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"Enjoyable and thought provoking!"


Really enjoyed this book. It had a bit of everything in it, from sci-fi to philosophy, spirituality, life choices and lessons. Loved the fantastic and amazingly visual dimension the portal reveals. A thought provoking read and a great story as well!

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THe rise of consciousness

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Not my usual read, but very interesting and thought provoking.

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"Enjoyable, Engaging and Enlightening"


I read this book on recommendation by a friend regarding life's meaning. I don't usually read fiction and was skeptical, but this book captivated me from the first few pages and by the end made me question the physical world. I am not into religion and i was pleased this story didn't try and convert me, but there are some strange things that happen in life that make you wonder.

The chapters were quick to read, and the pages went by easily even though the subjects of the story might be considered heavy-going. You can tell the author has a scientific mind, but the story is told more like a fairytale than science fiction and i ended up really enjoying it!

If you like things like The Matrix, Sliding Doors or have ever wondered what life might be about, i recommend this book.

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