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"I wrote This Soul'd World as a tribute to the spiritual awakening process. I can't explain it and i can't rationalise it. At the same time, I can't argue with the paradigm of peace its left me with.

The only way i can attempt to describe it is through metaphor and allegory, hence This Soul'd World is a work of fiction. But it's certainly not without meaning."

William Disdale


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what's the story?

Callison Trebla is on the verge of a discovery that will unveil the nature of reality to a troubled world. The discovery will force the question: is life just a biological accident? A pointless drama playing out on a random rock in the universe? Or is there meaning? Something deeper, something more subtle than our senses suggest? Does consciousness arise from the mind? Or does the mind arise within consciousness? Does the body have a soul? Or does the soul have a body?



should you read it?

Like in the film, The Matrix, when Morpheus is speaking with Neo about a deeper reality behind the one he's got to know, This Soul'd World will take the reader to the boundary of these two worlds.


Life leaves glaringly obvious questions as to its nature that never get convincingly answered. It is easier/more convenient to live life from the default position: our name, our body, our country, our home, our status, our belongings, our job, our relationships, our education, the films we've watched, the books we've read, the news we've seen etc...


It's possible to live an entire, fulfilled lifetime without ever needing to know the nature/point of it all. But this 'want-to-know' is the 'mental itch' Morpheus talks about to Neo. If that mental itch is strong in you, I hazard a guess this book will be up your street. 

available as ebook or paperback!

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This book is currently only available on Amazon

This site is run and built by the author, so fair to say i'm a true independent, trying to raise awareness of the books existence. If you can help in any way, please see the contact page, and if you're intrigued as to the book, please help a fledgling author out and pick up a copy here!

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THe rise of consciousness

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the rise of consciousness

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